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It was a dream, today has become a reality, the cat properties has been created by Wesley Rodrigues, who is a young, dedicated and committed to the job seriously, always worked in companies engaged in the construction and has extensive experience in the construction market and real estate, always being in this business, Wesley graduated in business administration and resolved at the same time, make the technical course in real estate transactions, which by the way was very satisfactory for its intellectual capital.

We registered in the up - Regional Council of brokers &, worked for more than 2 years in real estate in the region, always respecting the better customer service and to the personal and professional development, Wesley was prepared for the real estate market, and after a few months, decided to take the decision to open your own business, parents and family. The supported this decision.

The cat property has a strong name in town, this name comes from cat, cat and cat picture brides, which Mr. jair (CAT) won in more than 20 years of professionalism and experience, always with honesty, transparency and dedication to customer satisfaction.

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Today, the cat has an own office with real estate brokers highly trained for the various types of business, a pleasant environment and sophisticated for the client to be well received and very well attended, what the client is not only our customer and a friend who worked for your success and happiness.